#SaferStreets #SaferTravel

Getting from one place to another is something we do all the time – often without giving much thought to it.

#SaferStreets #SaferTravel
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Licensed Taxis

Taxis licensed by Warrington Borough Council have several features to support you and the drivers.

  • Licensed taxis are fitted with CCTV systems
  • The driver and passenger can activate audio recording by pushing the red button in the vehicle #lookupfortheredbutton
  • Vehicles are checked every 6 months
  • Drivers undergo criminal conviction checks twice a year
  • Drivers undergo safeguarding training and must complete a communication and knowledge test as part of the application process
  • Drivers must remain fit and proper to hold a license at all times

For more details and information on the checks and standards in relation to vehicles licensed by Warrington Borough Council, please visit: Taxi licensing | warrington.gov.uk

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Spot the differences, Private Hire Vs Hackney Car

Private Hire Vehicles must be booked in advance

Safer travel taxi side view

Hackney carriage vehicles can be flagged down

Safer travel taxi

Private Hire Vehicle plates

Private hire certificate from Warrington city council

Hackney carriage plates

Hackney Carriage certificate from Warrington city council

Commute with Confidence: Taxi Travel Checklist

Look for the Warrington crest:

Licensed taxis should show their licensed plate featuring the Warrington crest on the front and rear of the vehicle. All licensed drivers should have on display an identity badge issued by Warrington Borough Council.

Confirm your booking:

If you have pre-booked a private hire vehicle, ask the driver to confirm your booking details before getting in.


Ensure you have the means to pay for your journey before getting in a vehicle and check in advance whether cards are accepted.

Share your location:

Some providers enable you to share the journey details with a friend through an app. If this capability isn’t available, there are several applications that enable you to do this yourself, including Hollie Guard, Google Maps, WhatsApp, and more.


Make a complaint:

If a driver provides a service outside of their licensing remit, there may be no record or details of the journey. If there is an issue with your journey then you may make a complaint directly to an operator, but it is also important to report the matter to Warrington Licensing.



Travel with Trust: Things to Consider

There are many ways to travel around, in to and out of Warrington. Whatever works for you, here are some resources and questions to consider before setting out.




  • Where are you going?
  • How are you getting there?
  • Are you aware of the different safety features for each travel option and operator?
  • Are you comfortable with the route? Consider the time of day, lighting levels, CCTV coverage etc.
  • Are you able to pay for elements of your journey and know what payment methods are accepted?
  • Do you want to share details of your journey and location? There are apps available to support this, including Hollie Guard, Google Maps, WhatsApp, and more.
of people don't feel safe in public places in Warrington
of people feel their appearance affects their safety
believe that being a certain ethnicity affects their safety
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