I try so hard at life

I do everything I can all of the time to occupy my mind

in order to forget

over the years Mum has told me to forgive and forget

my mind won’t allow me to forget

and my body so fragile at that time won’t allow me to forgive

I have tried to put it all behind me and live

I don’t think I will ever forgive

my life now is not that hard

but my past life is scarred


blackened like tar

if only I could go for a lifelong drive in my car

I try so hard at life every time so I can forgive and forget

Mum said ‘what’s done is done, now move on’

I have moved on

at least until something goes wrong

and brings me back

or something goes right

I feel like I don’t deserve that delight

this plight has no end in sight

and I don’t think I will ever be alright


This poem is from Andreena’s collection called Charred. The full collection can be purchased via Amazon here.

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